Faith & Politics

EVANGELICALS WRESTLE WITH FAITH AND POLITICS HEADING INTO 2020 ELECTIONS Aaron Earls – September 26, 2019 Raúl Nájera photo | Unsplash By Aaron Earls Most American evangelicals believe Jesus’ Golden Rule—“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”—applies to politics. Some, however, see the political realm leading up to the 2020 elections as no place … Continued

If you are willing, God is able!

On May 24th we hosted our Quarterly Orientation, where nearly 20 members of our community attended! Janet shared the heart of PRC and our vision for the future. Out of this orientation came one of the largest advocate classes we have ever had! Eleven amazing women with a love for Christ and a passion for the ministry of … Continued

Mother’s Day Brunch

Saturday, May 7, a dear supporter of PRC will host our 3rd Annual “Mother’s Day Brunch” where several of our new moms will come to enjoy a delicious meal and the gift of a precious lamb. They will get to meet one another and spend time hearing about the Lord! We thank God for the generosity of our supporters who love … Continued

We Love Baby Blankets!!!

“I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love.” Col 2:2 NLT This verse has me remember and give thanks for “Knit For Life” Club. They stopped by recently with piles of new blankets! This special group of High School students from First Baptist Academy has supplied us with over … Continued