“I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love.” Col 2:2 NLT

This verse has me remember and give thanks for “Knit For Life” Club. They stopped by recently with piles of new blankets! This special group of High School students from First Baptist Academy has supplied us with over 141 crocheted and hand-tied blankets this year! On this trip they also knitted a sweet little baby cap and we are looking forward to see who God will send us for that one!

A heart-felt thanks to Julia Fortier, Rebekah Sperry, Gabby Monterosso, Rhonda Snapanese, Ruth Buttafuoco, Cindy Vitte, Mrs Doerbaum, Kaylee Attwell, Danielle Sblendorio, Tessa Vanprooyen, Debra Monterosso, Patsy Veliz and Cindy Case.