Last month, Once Upon A Child called and asked if we would be interested in receiving a large donation of baby clothes from their store. Part of us wanted to say “no, we do not have the space to store that amount of clothing!” But all of us felt a prompting to say yes. We soon found ourselves accepting the donation with great excitement and gratitude.

Our staff and volunteers made calls to patients. Calvary Chapel of Naples, a church partner and supporter of our Bridge Program, hosted the event at their church. What a blessing they are! As women were leaving with overflowing bags of clothing, many expressed the most sincere gratitude. We were truly blessed, as staff of PRC, to be a blessing to others in our community.

As we heard many “thank you’s,” we continued to remind our patients that God is our Provider and brought exactly what these families needed at just the right time.

Calvary Chapel Clothing 'Sale'

Calvary Chapel Clothing ‘Sale’