What we do


We believe a real choice requires truthful information.

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We Provide Truthful and Accurate Information

Empowering and Equipping Patients
  • We believe an informed decision is the best
  • We present all three options for a woman’s unplanned pregnancy without manipulation.
  • If she chooses to parent, we commit to walking beside her for 15 months.
  • We will refer her to a reputable adoption agency if she chooses to make an adoption plan.
  • If she is seeking an abortion, we will share truthful information regarding abortion procedures and associated physical, emotional, and mental risks.

Free Pregnancy Tests and Ultrasounds

  • We offer free and confidential medical-grade pregnancy tests in a safe and pressure-free environment to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • We provide a free ultrasound following a positive pregnancy test to verify a pregnancy.
  • Every woman receives pregnancy support, assistance, and helpful resources.
  • We offer free consultations to help women and men sort through their situations and develop a solution.

    Help For Men

    • We provide support for men as they face their partner’s unplanned pregnancy.
    • Soon-to-be fathers receive one-on-one mentorship with our volunteer mentors to prepare them for fatherhood.

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    What we do

    How We Serve


    We have intervened in the lives of thousands of women facing an unplanned pregnancy with:

    • Free pregnancy tests
    • Sonograms
    • STI testing & treatment
    • The abortion pill reversal


    We believe intercession begins long before a woman walks through our doors, and continues throughout her visit.


    Presenting eternal truth in a warm and non-judgmental environment is a hallmark of Pregnancy Resource Center. We provide classes in the following areas:

    • Pregnancy/Childbirth
    • Parenting
    • Co-parenting
    • Fatherhood
    • And much more!


    God values community. Our Bridge Program introduces moms and their families to life-affirming communities where their faith and family can grow.

    What Drives Us

    Our Mission

    We are a network of pregnancy clinics and education centers providing clear and truthful medical-based pregnancy confirmation and education for women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. We serve patients with a medical team consisting of a medical director, nurses, and sonographers. In addition, every facility operates with a receptionist and many volunteers.

    We stand on the truth that every life has a divine purpose, and every human being is endowed with precious dignity and worth. We believe a genuine choice for an unplanned pregnancy involves knowing all the facts and having the support and encouragement necessary to choose life.

    We serve all women without discrimination.

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