If you have been hurt by a previous abortion, God has a special message for you.
It is His desire to turn your ashes to beauty, your mourning to joy and your despair to praise!

The PRC Restoration Ministry is preparing to begin the Next Session of

Surrendering the Secret
A Bible Study Designed to Heal the Heartbreak of Abortion

Beginning April and May 2020

Call or Text (239) 595-2159 or email Couragetobeginhealing@gmail.com*

for a confidential conversation with someone who understands your pain.

*Jo Lynn Ensor has been working with women who have felt alone and 'stuck' with the painful memories of their past. Jo Lynn is a certified 'Surrendering the Secret' facilitator, offering one-on-one or group sessions to help women heal emotionally and spiritually.

Locations for each date are to be determined and are kept confidential to protect the privacy of participants.

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