When I found out I was pregnant with “Angel,” I panicked. I was living with the father of the baby, and we already have other children. He told me we couldn’t afford another. Abortion was our only option, he said. I found my way to my local abortion provider and took for the first Abortion Pill, RU486. Driving home, I couldn’t help but cry. I was so upset with myself, and I felt like I had made a terrible decision. I remember going into work and sobbing uncontrollably; my boss told me to go home. I began to google “how to reverse the abortion pill?” and “can the abortion pill be reversed?” It was then I got in contact the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline who told me to go to PRC right away, and that there was still a chance we could reverse the pill and save my baby. When I got to the clinic, I was expecting to see angry and judgmental faces because of what I did. Instead, I met a warm and kind receptionist and nurse who told me that they would help in any way they could, all free to me. They administered the Abortion Pill Reversal that day, and my sweet baby was saved! I now have a healthy and precious baby girl. That day I was introduced to Jesus Christ, and I asked Him to come into my life as my Lord and personal savior! I am a walking testimony of God’s grace and mercy in my own life! The father of the baby is so happy we have this new baby and was so excited when this sweet one was born! Thank you, PRC, for saving my baby.