Family and friends insisted that an abortion was the best course of action for “Jan”. Recovering from substance abuse and an uncertain future with father of baby, “Jan” felt the pressure.   Searching for help, she came across PRC’s website and came to get abortion information.  Her first appointment showed her the truth of her pregnancy and the truth that there was hope and support for her.   The nurse and Advocate told them about all of the resources available to them with education, material assistance, and medical referrals to help them carry to term. They also learned that they would gain a community of supportive friends at PRC to walk with them every step of the way. With that information and the hope of a healthy relationship with the father, they chose life for their baby “Gavin”!

Not too long into their weekly visits, both parents began to attend classes together.  At a Pop-Up Shop event hosted by a partnering church, “John” come to believe the Gospel message after a Pastor’s invitation.  Not long after his birth, “Gavin” was dedicated and they joined the church, where today they continue to grow their family and faith.