Baby Sam

“Isabella” already had one child and was unsure of how a second child would fit into her life. When she learned she was pregnant again so many questions occupied her thoughts. How would she support a new baby? Where would she find the money to buy diapers, wipes, clothes and baby food? She came to our clinic where she received care and education about her pregnancy. They told her about all of the resources PRC could make available to her and that she would not be alone in caring for her baby. “Isabella” was then very excited to parent “Samuel”. Though “Isabella” was already a mother, she could not believe how much she learned from the parenting and life skills classes at the Education Center which she attended weekly. Through completing the classes and homework she earned many baby items for “Samuel”. Upon every visit she received free diapers and wipes. But more than that, she gained a sweet friendship in her advocate, and a deeper understanding of God’s love for her and her children.