Baby Noah

When “Taylor” learned that she had an unplanned pregnancy, abortion seemed like an easy fix. After all, being pregnant and having a baby is a life changing thing! She was feeling uncertain about her future when she found information about Pregnancy Resource Center’s Clinic. She made an appointment to confirm her pregnancy and was greeted by a warm and loving advocate who listened to her concerns. While there she received a sonogram at no cost to her where she could see, on a large screen TV, the truth about the life that was already living in her womb. That’s when she first laid eyes on baby “Noah” and fell deeply in love with him. She realized what she had known all along; that she was already a mother and that her choices will have an impact on her life forever, and on the life of the baby. She decided to parent “Noah” and has leaned heavily on the love, support and education that Pregnancy Resource Center has provided. Throughout her pregnancy she was equipped with parenting and life skills classes, diaper and wipes, and the truth of the gospel of Jesus. She also received help with her insurance, prenatal care, and a support system of women who were cheering her on.