“Ana” experienced an extremely difficult high-risk first pregnancy. She was so scared when she learned that she was pregnant again; fearing that this pregnancy would be as hard as the last. Already familiar with Pregnancy Resource Center’s clinic from her first pregnancy, she decided to return to speak to us about her current pregnancy. She made an appointment and received a pregnancy test and sonogram at no cost to her. While there she was comforted by a caring advocate who listened to her anxious concerns about carrying. The advocate assured her that we would again lay all of our resources at her feet to help her if this pregnancy proves to be as difficult as the last. Knowing now that she wouldn’t be alone, “Ana” finally felt excited about her baby. She received support in the form of education, friendship, parenting classes, and bible study. She is now parenting “Jasmin” and is so grateful for the all of the practical help she continues to receive from PRC.