Baby Aaron

With three children under her wing, “Emily” knew the joys of motherhood. She also understood how difficult adding another baby to her family would be. When she and her boyfriend faced an unplanned pregnancy she felt apprehensive about carrying. There were so many things to think about and so many obstacles she felt were in the way of enjoying the thought of another baby.
She decided to make an appointment at the Clinic to confirm her pregnancy. While there she spoke with a caring advocate and a nurse who educated her about her pregnancy options: parenting, adoption, and termination. They also shared the truth about the life inside her by giving her a free sonogram and showing her a model of a baby to show her how much her little one had developed. “Emily” fell in love. She remembered that joy of motherhood that she was so familiar with. She had support from her boyfriend to parent and so she went on to have precious “Aaron”.
“Emily” learned from PRC that was not going to be alone in figuring out how to manage her growing family. With the support of her boyfriend, and our staff and advocates, “Emily” and “Aaron” are enjoying their new life together.