Help us this October reach more men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy by committing to give $30 a month.

How many have committed so far.


As a special thank you for our 30 for $30 partners, you will receive a PRC cooler, pen, and “Every Life Matters” sticker. Thank you for partnering in this ministry with us.

Imagine yourself in an unplanned, crisis pregnancy and by the grace of God, who brought you to PRC, you have seen the error of your thinking and changed your mind. Now imagine, you knew that there would still be challenges- financial, work related and even relationships which hung on the balance in your decision for life.  Now imagine what you would be facing after Irma- your home damaged, loss of work and even those who said they would help have problems of their own and left you?

Who can you turn to?  For the last two weeks PRC has been the one to whom many of our patients have turned to.  From rent assistance to help with childcare because of loss of work, PRC has continued to be the support and spiritual encouragement many need.

One patient in particular, had a scheduled appointment for an abortion last Monday.  Loss of work and damage to her home made her pregnancy even more of a crisis. But we have stepped in and saved the life of the baby and have connected her to a local church where she attended last Sunday. 

In the month of October, our campaign 30 for $30 is hoping to register 1 donor a day who would commit to $30 a month for the next year. This campaign will be our emergency fund to help women facing additional financial burdens because of Irma.

That is just one person a day- for just $30 a day- would you be the one today?